Hereford To Symonds Yat (Bookable on Thursday/Fridays only)

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42 Miles Of The Glorious River Wye, Canoed over 4 Days

If you need more than 6 canoes, please contact the office.

Rafting Options

Rafted canoes are ideal for families and for those who need extra stability whilst out on the water. When we raft 2 canoes together it forms a mini catamaran which is a very stable platform and is very difficult to capsize. We also raft groups of friends together as it is a more sociable experience. It allows you to relax and enjoy the trip without the concern of getting wet.

  • If you require to raft your canoes please indicate this in ORDER NOTES UPON CHECKOUT

Canoe Weight Limit: There is a weight limit to each canoe which is 40 stone (254Kg)

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If you have the time, this stretch of river is one of the most extraordinary ways to discover the rich rural beauty of Herefordshire. The Hereford to Symonds Yat route appeals to those who want to make a memorable journey at there own pace.

Mileage wise per day the route runs at a leisurely pace with stop off time. Passing some Historic sights whilst having fun on the river observing the countryside, wildlife and scenery – where you’ll wish to have your camera to capture a truly unique view of England.

42 miles

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