Understanding The Equipment

Ross-On-Wye Canoe Hire Company Equipment Details

Our Canoeing Equipment


When canoeing on the River Wye with Ross on Wye Canoe Hire you can be assured you will be using canoeing equipment that has been chosen to ensure your safety and provide you with the most enjoyable experience while canoeing on the Wye.

Buoyancy Aid

So for your safety everybody is issued with a buoyancy aid. For a buoyancy aid to provide protection when you need it we have chosen a design that is comfortable and adjustable, In addition it has been chosen for its high buoyancy capability 50 70n– to keep you afloat more in the event of a capsize situation.

On occasions, unfortunately clients do capsize their canoes.

Children’s buoyancy aids are provided with a crotch strap for additional safety. This prevents the buoyancy aid from sliding over the head of a child immersed in water. It also stops someone from accidentally pulling a buoyancy aid off a child as they try to rescue a child by pulling them out of the water.


Helmets are available on request and are compulsory in some river conditions and also for Children under the age of 14. As well as providing protection from objects in the river if a person has fallen into the river, it also provides protection from objects on the river banks, branches etc

To ensure that the helmet fits properly they have an adjustable inner cradle. The design also incorporates an ear guard frame, which while it provides additional protection to the side of the head still enables a person to hear what is going on around them.

Canadian Canoe

Our Canoes can carry two to four people. For multi-day trips it is recommended to have 2 people so the canoe has the capacity for extra kit. For groups with young children the canoe is also suitable for being rafted (joined to another canoe to provide additional stability).

Canoe Paddles

Our paddles come with a sturdy polypropylene blade, on an aluminium shaft with a plastic T-piece handle. We will give you a paddle of a length that suits your height and build. 

We have paddles for children that have shorter shafts designed to make them more practical for shorter arms.

Dry Barrels

To keep your belongings dry when you are canoeing on the River Wye each Canadian canoe is issued with a 30ltr or a 60ltr barrel (Multi Day Trips). We recommend that you take a mobile phone with you on your journey so that you can contact us in case of emergency or we can contact you if we need to. Therefore by putting your mobile phone in the dry barrel will ensure it does not get wet and broken. Other things you will be putting in the dry barrel will be electronic car keys, a spare change of clothing, a towel and maybe some sandwiches. 

TIP: make sure you do not put bottles of drink inside your dry barrel, not only are they waterproof anyway, but also if it leaks inside the barrel, everything you wanted to keep dry is now wet!