Health And Safety Guidance On The River Wye

Health And Safety Guidelines, Rules And Regulations

Health and Safety guidelines, rules and regulations

Your safety is paramount to us, and to your enjoyment of your trip.

  1. If you or any of your party have any health issues such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, partial blindness! this should be discussed first and us made aware of these conditions. In certain circumstances we may discourage you from taking part in the event. Anyone with a history of epilepsy or are pregnant should not participate in this activity.
  2. Maximum weight per canoe is 40 stone (255kg). ie 2 Adults + 2 Children or 3 Adults + 1 Child.
  3. Children under the age of 4 years are not allowed in canoes.
  4. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Minimum age to hire is 18.
  6. No fishing is allowed unless you have the appropriate permit to fish on the stretch of the river your journey takes you on and a National rod license. No fishing is allowed whatsoever from the canoe itself.
  7. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your allocated launch/transport time, allowing time to be kitted out with buoyancy aids, fill out the hire agreement and receive your health and safety briefing. If you are late, unfortunately we may have to leave without you, meaning your trip may have to be cancelled or re-scheduled.
  8. Buoyancy Aids must be worn at all times whilst you are canoeing. They must be adjusted to fit correctly prior to your trip as instructed in your briefing on the day. Please note that if you do stop on your journey and your boyancy aid is removed, you will need to ensure your aid is refitted in the same safe manner.
  9. Please when leaving the river take all your belongings, buoyancy aids and paddles with you, as these are your responsibility and you will be charged in full if lost or stolen.
  10. We operate a zero tolerance to Alcohol. Alcohol should not be consumed prior to your trip. Anyone found under the influence of alcohol or any other substances will not be permitted to hire or participate in the event. We do not allow alcohol to be taken on your trip and reserve the right to confiscate it until your return.

Caring for the environment ( Code of conduct )

  1. Your canoe enables you to explore this unique and beautiful river where you can quietly observe wildlife and fauna.
  2. By following these simple steps you can ensure your presence causes no harm and you leave it as you find it.
  3. Take care not to cause damage to the banks and bankside vegetation, waterweed and gravel beds;.Many fish species lay their eggs in the gravel between autumn and spring.
  4. Avoid paddling over gravel banks in low water conditions. Where possible avoid contact with gravel on the river bed at any time of the year.
  5. Paddle at a distance and in a manner to minimise any disturbance to birds and other wildlife you find along the river.
  6. Avoid areas used by wintering wildlife, nesting birds and spawning fish in the appropriate season. Stop your activity if you are clearly disturbing wildlife;
  7. For your own enjoyment and the protection of the environment, make sure that there is enough water in the river before you commit to paddling it.
  8. Respecting other people
  9. Please be considerate to those living in, working in and enjoying the River Wye.Don’t trespass on private land – this includes gravel beaches and river banks. Only land atrecognised public access points or with prior landowner’s permission.
  10. Enjoy your visit, have fun, make a memory.
  11. Unless otherwise directed, river users should pass as near to the opposite river bank from an angler fishing as possible whilst keeping safe.Enjoying the River Wye

Guided Trips

At certain times and by prior arrangement, we can provide a river guide to accompany you on your trip. Please note this service is only available by prior arrangement, and not something you can add at the time of your arrival.


Dogs are welcome. However under no circumstances are they to be leashed in the canoe.

River Safety Cover

Please note that there is no safety cover on the river as most trips advertised are self-guided. However, safety cover is in place if the trip is guided. Additionally we are contactable at all times to effect or organise a rescue. Call: 01600 890470.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Please be aware that mobile phone coverage on the river is minimal for a lot of the major networks. Hot spots are Kerne Bridge, Lower Lydbrook, Symonds Yat Rock and the lower sections of the Wye Valley.

What to wear and spare equipment

Loose lightweight clothing. Footwear – trainers, aquaboots or full sandals. (Do not wear wellington boots, flip flops or jeans). Please be aware when the sun is out it will reflect off the water making it very hot , so please dress accordingly to minimise risk of heat stroke and sunburn. Also weather conditions can change very quickly on your journey. We always recommend that you bring a full change of clothes.

Do bring

Fluids, snacks or picnic, especially if you are not planning to stop off at a pub en-route.

High factor sunscreen is highly recommended.

Do not bring

Expensive jewellery. Watches, cameras, video cameras etc if not waterproof. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any of your effects.


As per the countryside code please protect the countryside and wildlife by not leaving rubbish on the river banks or by dropping it in the river. Bring it back with you and we will dispose of it for you.