Canoeing Holme Lacy To Ross-On-Wye

19.75 Miles Of The Glorious River Wye, Canoed Over 2 Days

Canoeing Holme Lacy To Ross-on-Wye

19 ¾ Miles Of The Glorious River Wye, Canoed Over 2 Days

A gentle and memorable part of the Wye, canoed over 2 days the Holme Lacy to Ross-on-Wye route is a stunning completely rural section of the magnificent county of Herefordshire.

Mileage wise per day the route runs at a leisurely pace with stop off time. Passing some Historic sights whilst having fun on the river observing the countryside, wildlife and scenery – where you’ll wish to have your camera to capture a truly unique view of England.

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Day 1 Journey Details

Holme Lacy to Hoarwithy
Canoeing Distance: 9 miles

Now you start the complete escape from the hustle and bustle of life and can enjoy the scenery of the next two days as traffic wise this is a very quiet stretch of water and you will meander down a beautiful stretch of the River Wye.

Approximately 3.5 miles you pass Mansells ferry fishing croy on your Left.

1 mile on and you’ll see a steep wooded slope on the left bank this leads up to Capler Camp on Iron Age Hill Fort where a variety of birds inhabit the surrounding woods, where Dappled fallow deer may be sighted.

From here the river follows several large meanders, which means you can take things easy and relax pass aging through a group of Islands and through a demolished railway bridge. This is your signpost that your now 2 miles from the village of Hoarwithy.

There are two campsites which are situated on either side of the river. Tresseck Farm Campsite on the right bank is the easier to recognize with a shale beach and on top of the bank a white painted signpost with farm name. Lower Ruxton is located on the left bank. Both campsites require prior permission.

Tresseck Farm Campsite with Port-a-loos and Stand pipe (drinking water) contact Mrs Roberts on 01432 840235.

The very picturesque village of Hoarwithy has a pub within walking distance approximately 0.5 mile. The New Harp Inn where you can relax and chew over today’s paddling whilst having a meal or a pint. Reserving a table is advisable as it is very popular: Tel no – 01432- 840900.

The village is also home to the prominent italianate church of St Catherineswhich has featured in at least three films.

Multi Day Trips Timetable:

Registration at 09:15hrs – Collection time as arranged prior to departure.

Day 2 Journey Details

Hoarwithy to Ross-on-Wye
Canoeing Distance: 10.75 miles

From here it’s off again, approximately – 2 miles going under Sellack Suspension footbridge, approximately – 1 mile, meandering on you come to the first of two demolished railway bridges on the old Hereford to Gloucester line now your near Strangford.

1 Mile on and the interesting Fawley chapel can be seen on the left bank.

¾ mile – How Caple – and for 2 miles you pass the Salmon Pools which are indicated with fisher mens huts on the bank.

Approximately 1.25 miles on and your nearing Foy passing under the elegant suspension bridge built after an earlier structure was swept away by floods in 1919. Now look out for Foy church on your right.

1.5 miles on and you come to Backney Common look out for a simple metal crosss which sits on the bank to commemorate an act of bravery by the Rector of Brampton Abbots in 1904 who died saving his son and daughters friend from drowning. This is where you pass through the 2nd demolished railway bridge and a nice photo can be shot.

As you pass under the main A 40 bridge you come back to reality with Ross on Wye town sitting above the river looking down at you. (This is one of the most popular postcard shots.)

There is one public launch and egress point in Ross-on-Wye, this is set beside The Riverside Pub. We launch and pick up from The Riverside.

As you pass the rowing club on your left look out for a concrete landing stage on your left and situated just below the Hope and Anchor Inn.

The 2nd (public launch) is 150 meters further on the left below – The Riverside Inn. Please remember at weekends and holiday seasons both pubs may be busy and you may have to wait for food.

The camp site requires prior booking…

Ross-on-Wye Rowing Club now provides an additional camping spot in Ross.

The White Lion Pub – situated directly on your right as you pass under Wilton bridge on the right bank. Facilities: Port-a-loo and Stand pipe (drinking water) Pub directly behind offering food and why not have a Full English breakfast before you set off on your morning paddle. – Contact – Tel no 01989 562785.

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